Clarifying Shampoo: Benefits, Reasons to use, Cost

Not so far ago Clarifying shampoo, which has an alkaline medium, have appeared on the shelves of professional cosmetics stores. Thanks to this, they remove all harmful impurities from the hair, caused by both environmental influences and remainings of care products. Clarifying shampoos are suitable not only for use in beauty salons. You can arrange this procedure at home. How not to make a mistake in choosing a deep action shampoo, we will tell you in our article.

Clarifying shampoo – why is it needed?

Hard water, styling products, irons, hair dryers and curling irons, elastic bands, dry shampoo – sometimes our curls need a detox just as much as our skin and body. Even the usual shampoo and conditioner can leave a film on the hair over time and make it brittle and unruly. To qualitatively clean hair from chlorine, mineral deposits, silicone, wax, oils and other pests, shampoo comes to the rescue for deep cleaning of hair. Thanks to the latest developments and optimization of formulations, it is now possible to arrange a real SPA for hair not only in the salon but also at home. Especially if you will do your home rituals with the products of T-LAB Professional, you can find them here

Popular misconceptions to get rid of in advance: Deep-cleansing shampoo doesn’t wash away dye or cure dandruff! Its effect is rather comparable to peeling for the skin (although the composition of cleansing shampoos does not include abrasive elements). As well as exfoliation for the skin, the deep cleansing shampoo removes accumulated dirt and sebum from the hair, restarts the natural regeneration processes and prepares the strands for further treatments that involve deep penetration of ingredients into the hair shaft, whether it be a mask or long-term colouring.

When is the best time to use Clarifying shampoo?

You can wash your hair with it before going to the hairdresser when you want to do lamination, perm, or just dye your hair. It is best to use the shampoo 1-2 days before going to the salon. Clarifying shampoo completely cleans the head and allows the colouring pigments to lie more evenly on the hair cleaned from dirt and hair. By the way, even extended hair can be washed with this shampoo, there will be no harm to them. In case you have natural hair, then you need to use Clarifying shampoo as needed, everything is individual.

The main thing here is to find the right product. High-quality shampoo perfectly foams and relieves hair of excess care products. Together with this product, you should use a conditioner or moisturizing mask for your hair. After such care, the hair seems to be renewed and, what is more, they have perfect volume. These characteristics of Clarifying shampoos cannot but rejoice every fashionista!

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